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U2 Interactive's mission is to support all healthcare stakeholder communities in creating innovative and cost effective computer based solutions for everyday health problems, lifestyle issues, and long-term conditions. U2 Interactive believes in delivering evidenced based treatment via interactive and easy to use software programs that will revolutionize how healthcare consumers achieve holistic wellness.

U2 Interactive is a joint venture between UPMC Insurance Services Division and Ultrasis, PLC

Ultrasis is a healthcare company with core expertise in health, psychology, software development and program management that was the first company to offer computerized products based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and interactive multimedia, and is still the world leader in this field.

UPMC UPMC Insurance Services offers commercial, Medicaid and Medicare insurance as well as workplace productivity and health programs in workers' compensation, disability management, and leave management, and some of the most comprehensive health improvement and health promotion programs anywhere in the United States. The Insurance Services Division also is the largest behavioral health insurance provider in Pennsylvania, and operates two software development companies focused on helping health care providers and employers provide efficient health care and employee benefits.