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Beating the Blues to be utilized in VA pilot project in Michigan

Beating the Blues will be evaluated by Veterans Administration researchers in a pilot project that will examine the potential for Beating the Blues to be delivered in a 'peer to peer' model by veterans who have been trained to act as mentors and given ongoing support by existing clinical services. Veterans are often strongly motivated to help one another and the expected outcome will be that peer support will increase acceptance and successful completion of treatment.

The study will be led by C. Beau Nelson, Ph.D., Kristen Abraham, Ph.D., Heather Walters, M.S., and Marcia Valenstein, M.D., M.S.

John Smith, Chief Operating Officer at U² Interactive said "we are delighted to be providing Beating the Blues to the VA team so that they can investigate the benefits of this model of delivery. This is an important project as it not only involves providing access to much needed treatment for depression but has huge potential to provide meaningful opportunities to appropriately trained veterans in either a voluntary or paid for role"

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